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Training & Support

We train and support local small holder farmers to equip them with knowledge to succeed in the industry resulting in a win-win relationship


Cultivation of indoor and outdoor hemp. We employ strict cultivation guidelines to produce the highest quality of plants

Testing & Grading

Our lab technicians are able to do testing and grading of Cannabis extracts. Because of this ability, we are able to share to the market some of the purest non-psychoactive and psychoactive extracts

Processing & Extraction

Our highly qualified scientists working in our state-of-the-art laboratory in Kanengo Lilongwe have what it takes to extract and process some of the purest and highest quality extracts for our variety of products.

Wholesale & Retail

Our products are market ready for wholesale and retail customers. Our scientists are highly trained to produce high-quality cannabis extracts for large distribution channels

  • Training & Support

  • Cultivation

  • Testing & Grading

  • Processing & Extraction

  • Wholesale & Retail

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