Our team

Zak Wirima

As CEO of Malawi Gold Limited, Zak is responsible for overseeing all facets of the business. He brings a lot experience and passion to drive the company forward. His background touches on Accounting before transitioning to Information Systems. He gained invaluable experience working for a technology, aviation and defense contractor in USA. He is a qualified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Professional. The strict demands of the medicinal cannabis industry makes him suitable to instill a disciplined culture, aligning the day-to-day work activities with the requirements of customers while maintaining fiduciary responsibility to the shareholders

James Black
COO –Consultant (GivLyfe)

Overseeing all operations, cultivation, and sales he brings more than 20 years of cannabis growing experience and knowledge with focusing on genetics development and stabilization for the past 8 years. Developing more than a dozen exclusive genetic strains, several which contain greater than 30% cannabinoid profiles with both THC and CBD, while working on numerous other genetic developments with well know breeders from around the world.

He has traveled throughout North and South America growing and consulting for numerous companies in 9 countries, living in Colombia for almost 2 years, and has cultivation experience ranging from small personal indoor grows, commercial greenhouse operations, and large-scale outdoor farming operations in multiple climate zones. He specializes in project management, business development, and risk management.

He has a strong track-record of Sales/Marketing experience with several fortune 500 companies and has help develop several small businesses into multi-million-dollar operations who continue to thrive. His passion for cannabis and healing all life on our planet have directed his journey across the globe to his current position of leading GivLyfe into the next chapter

Rob Verseput
Chief Pharmacist

Robert Verseput is an accomplished Pharmacist who is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.  He has experience in running and setting up pharmaceutical laboratories in Southern Africa. His recent experience has been working as a GMP Consultant and Pharmacist focusing his efforts on managing the creation of GMP Facility. Robert was the Chief Pharmacist responsible for GMP set-up of medicinal Cannabis plant in Lesotho which obtained the EU GMP accreditation in March 2021.

Formerly Managing Director of Technikon Laboratories, a leading Pharmaceutical contract manufacturer specializing in turn-key production of capsules, tablets, aerosols, powders, liquid and sachets for a number of pharmaceutical companies. Robert and his partners sold Technikon in 2016. multi-national

Darius Jacobs
Executive Counsel - Global

Darius Jacobs is responsible for the global operations of the company. He brings more than 20 years of experience across a number of disciplines to Givlyfe. His experience and leadership have been focused on the development of emerging technologies in the Life Sciences and delivering solutions while driving profitable revenue growth.

Prior to joining Givlyfe, Darius was the Co-Founder of Xyion Capital, a provider of innovative cannabinoid extraction services.

Early in his career he served at J. Breck Robinson & Associates P. C. as an associate and engagement manager. He also served for three years as a Water Purification Specialist with the United States (U.S.) Army.

Darius has a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from the University of Alabama in Huntsville and a Doctorate in Jurisprudence from the University of Tennessee College of Law.

Christian Löfke
Chief of science officer –Consultant (GivLyfe)

He is a renowned Cellular Plant Biologist. He achieved a PhD in Natural Science in Germany working on plant hormone transporters, regulating almost all aspects of plant development. After almost 8 years working in a variety of different plant growth research labs, he joined us from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Austria. Dr. Löfke is very accomplished, and his research has been published in various high impact research journals.

His cutting-edge knowledge of plant development and growth regulation reaching from intra-cellular processes to whole organ/plant development complements our competencies, and hence, pushes the limits of current cannabis farming.

As a result of Christian’s passion and research growing cannabis over many years, he completely understands how to get the most out of the plants and soil. Also, he is capable of quickly identifying any potential problem and has organic solutions to solve any issues that may arise, thereby, maintaining our biodynamic philosophy as a company.

Mario Gutierrez
VP of Pharmaceuticals –Consultant (GivLyfe)

A family man from Bogota, Colombia, he is a very driven and passionate professional who has spent years helping develop the cannabis industry in Colombia, South America from the time of legalization in 2016. He is responsible for helping to pioneer not only the cannabis industry but also in establishing the nutraceutical supply chain for cannabis from Colombia to export partners around the world.

He is a supply chain executive of more than twenty years of experience in the Pharmaceutical, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), and Medicinal Cannabis industries. He has extensive expertise in pharmaceutical engineering, production and operations management, world class manufacturing, logistics, comprehensive purchasing management, quality management systems, and research & development. Mario has successfully led and developed multidisciplinary and multicultural high-performance teams achieving outstanding results wherever he has worked

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