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This is an InteGrow Capital Group Inc initiative whose goal is to cultivate, process, and market the legendary strains of cannabis and hemp found in Malawi known as Malawi Gold. We are licensed to cultivate and produce natural, medicinal-grade cannabis extracts as well as psychoactive extracts within the bounds of the law. We maintain strict adherence to guidelines and our processes are customer-focused to ensure that we achieve the highest purity standards of our products. Each one of the staff team members is well-trained in our SOP's to ensure standardization of outcomes. We are based at Lumbadzi, Lilongwe, next to Kamuzu International Airport.


Our mission is to create a healthy working environment for our staff and become a recognized leader in the cannabis industry by offering high grade products to our partners with speed and accuracy of delivery.


  • Cultivate high grade cannabis using the most sustainable and eco-friendly methods
  • Produce Quality and clean Products free of chemicals and impurities
  • Positive Social Economic Impact

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